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Music Weeklies #NonBinary Challenge 2021-07-02

This week’s MusicWeeklies Challenge :

Make a piece in a time signature, tempo AND number of voices in any non-binary prime number

Here are the numbers for my track enby:

Time Signature11/8 (I’m hoping we only need to make the numerator prime!)
Tempo113 BPM (I entered “113” in to my DAW. It takes that as quarter notes per minute. )
Number of VoicesSeven (7): e-piano, two basses, three synths and, a drone

I began with some vague ideas about structure including the overall form and what the underlying chords would include. In keeping with the non-binary theme, I used mostly a sus-2 chord that sounds neither major nor minor.

The melodies are a result of a kind of formula. I started with rhythms, chosen from a list of Euclidean Rhythms. I picked E(4,11), E(5,11) and E(6,11) for the A section. For the fast figure in the B section I used E(17,22). (Quick explanation of those numbers: the first number is the number of note-onsets, the second, the total number of pulses in the pattern. So E(4,11) has 4 notes in an 11 pulse pattern. The list of ones and zeroes show which pulses have the note-onsets. ) The topic of Euclidean Rhythms is really fascinating. The first half of the paper The Distance Geometry of Music, presents the topic without too much math and relates the topic to many examples found in World Music. I used the triad pairs technique, to select pitches for each note in the melody. I took some liberty, deleting some notes, almost at random, to thin out the sequences heard in the B section.