WCNY Jazz Radio Host in Mid to Late 1970’s

As I mentioned earlier. I was able, with a little help, to remember the name Dave King and, his radio show, Jazz a la King which aired lat Saturday nights.

I used to stay up with the reel-to-reel deck at the ready and punch in when something good came on. Here’s a short sample where we hear the a few seconds of the 1962 Kenton band. I love Dave King’s remarks at the end. Unfortunately, tape was expensive for me back then so, I quickly faded out his comments.


I Have Remembered the Name of WCNY Radio Host from 1970’s

What a relief. Through some interaction with the google and 37 year old memories, I have remembered the name of the radio host that I enjoyed so much back when I was in high school.

More details to come but for now, here’s a clue: the document at the address below confirms the name of the show, and the name of the host


See page 4. Again, it’s not Leo Rayhill (tho, I enjoyed his show too!)

UPDATE: more confirming documentation