Cakewalk Instrument Definition File (.ins) for Roland RD-700GX

I have created an Instrument Definition for the RD-700GX. Since I’m new to the use of these things, I’m not at all sure to what degree it is done properly. I’m using it with an old version (6.02 circa 1998) of Cakewalk Express Gold (This gives you an idea of the software budget at the lab.) Helpful feedback is welcome.

Cakewalk Instrument Definition File for Roland RD-700GX (alpha-2)

How Buildings Learn – Stewart Brand

The other day, a colleague made a comment, using an analogy to house building, about some software architecture he was dealing with. The comment reminded me of the book How Buildings Learn by Stewart Brand.

For kicks, I did a video search and found a six part BBC series. While it’s strictly about buildings, I think many of the ideas, most of them even, apply to software and systems architecture.

Music by Brian Eno.

(EDIT: fixing broken embeds with youtube)

Part 1:

Want to see all six parts of the BBC piece?