Recovery Underway

Well that Jetway turned out to be unavailable.

You’ll recall, I fried the BIOS in my AOpen EZ 18 XCube. The BIOS is soldered BIOS Soldered In (no socket)in and, I have long lost access to a solder sucker

So I had to abandon the integrated firewire requirement and settle on a FIC K7MNF-64 board. There’s no way this micro ATX would fit in to the XCube case XCubeso I had to buy another case. At least the K7MNF-64 has a socketed BIOS!BIOS In Socket

At some point during the build, I decided to go to FC6.

I’m happy to report, that the strange display problems I was having are no longer an issue but, recording sound is still unreliable. I ended up connecting my refurbished Creative eXtigy and, at one point, was actually able to record with it . But, I didn’t write down what I did to make it work and since that night, I haven’t gotten in working. At this point, I’m thinking I’ll just use some other computer or device (like the Zoom H4 or Edirol R-

I’ve acquired a firewire card a video adapter and, a LCD display. I hope to install install all that soon.

I’ve also been skipping around The CSound Book – finished the chapter on FM over the weekend.

$ uptime
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