IE PNG Transparency

You might not know that I mostly do all the work on this site on a Linux (Fedora) machine with Firefox. One downside of using standards compliant web clients for development is that you can miss how the non-standard (i.e. IE) web clients render your work.

This was the case with the home page of this site. Our wonderful winking face is published as a PNG image and always looked great on my machine here at galactic headquarters. But, using the machine (an WinXP, corporate issued notebook) from my day job with IE 6, the PNG image didn’t render correctly. What was supposed to be transparent, appeared as a light gray and spoiled the whole effect.
The short story ends with the discovery of a javascript solution that seems to work.

The longer story would have to include some comments about a blog entry from some micro-softie developer. I can’t help but wonder about the net worth of the author.

Gathering Audio

A couple nights ago, I went back through all the audio files I have created over the years and selected a bunch to upload here. I batch encoded some that needed that.

Rather than upload all of ’em and create an page that links to all of them, I’ll most likely upload them one or two at a time and link to the MP3s from here.

So to get started, here is an excerpt from the fictional Dan Verdade Show. This was made with a free version of FL Studio and one of those $7 ivory-colored microphones. This Dan Verdade Shout was made with the same mic and the Chrontron WinAmp plug-in.